Thursday, June 18, 2015

How to Have Pleasant Dreams

I have had two types of dreams most of my life: I know it was pleasant but I don't remember details, or vivid 3d gut wrenching horror-filled nightmares that I never forget.

When I was younger, I assumed dreams just happened, it was basically a dice roll what kind of dream you got. I was wrong.

I just recently learned that vitamin deficiencies will cause nightmares. Specifically, low B6 and low Zinc will cause nightmares and restless sleep.  The absolute best route to take if you suspect a deficiency is to see your doctor to get a blood draw to check all your levels. More on this in another blog post.

Here's something you won't read about in sleep studies. I noticed a pattern in my own sleep, my pleasant dreams vs unpleasant dreams. The pattern is this: I only have unpleasant dreams (nightmares) when I sleep on my right side. I only have pleasant dreams when I sleep on my left side. I have tried to pre-program both types of dreams to go on the opposite side- i.e. I tried to have a nightmare on my left, and tried to have a nice dream on my right- didn't work.

I am right-handed. I do not know if this has any bearing on this matter. I suspect it does not. I think this is entirely related to veins/arteries, nerves, and muscles. Stimulate the ones on the left of the body by the weight of laying on that side and you stimulate the happy dreams. Or perhaps it is remove the pressure from the right side of the body by not putting weight on it when you lay on your left.

I tend to move all around during the night, and have woken on my back and stomach also. I have noticed I feel dreadful when I wake on my stomach, and have usually just had bad dreams when stomach sleeping. I don't tend to remember dreams when sleeping on my back, and usually wake refreshed on my back.

Summary: poor quality of sleep and nightmares can be directly related to a lack of zinc and B6, and possibly connected to sleeping on your right side. Lab work can verify levels, and sleeping on your left may help to prevent nightmares.

Sleep well my friends.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Crushing the Comfort Zone

What is a comfort zone? It almost sounds nice- soothing, pleasant, somewhere to snuggle up with a good book and a soft blanket. Mmm. Comfort.

Reality: Comfort zone is the area that you are totally familiar with, all the old things. Staying in the comfort zone means there is no room for growth, or change, zero chance of improvement or achievement. You would have never walked if you had stayed in the comfort zone of crawling.

Comfort zones keep you at the job you hate, where every morning you just try to make it until 5pm, and every day you dream of Friday. Sunday nights are depressing because you know the next morning you have to return to the job that you're pretty sure is giving you an ulcer.

Comfort zones keep you in a bad relationship, while you rationalize that it's not 'that bad' to yourself and others. You make excuses for the other person, apologizing for their behavior, explaining it so it doesn't seem that bad.

Comfort zones keep you stuck crawling. You're still smoking when you want to stop, you're still eating crap when you want to eat healthy (at least in theory). You don't accomplish any of your goals, you laugh about how you've made the same New Year's resolution ten years in a row. You guess you could do better, maybe, but you're just so damned tired and annoyed and overworked all the time.

Many inspirational leaders encourage people to "step outside of their comfort zone." I say to hell with that- Crush it! Absolutely crush that comfort zone. Demolish that comfort zone. Grind it down to powder.

Get out of that comfort zone job and launch yourself into a career you love. Work at doing something that motivates you, lifts you, inspires you. A non-confort zone job is one where you look forward to going to work every day. Doesn't that sound great? A job where you think, "I would do this for free it's so wonderful", yet you get such a bountiful compensation you don't have to live paycheck to paycheck.

Crushing comfort zone relationships means you will truly like and enjoy every person you allow into your life. Every person, relatives too. The relatives you don't like, the ones that always make your anxiety kick in, they go stay over there in comfort zone land. Those ones do not follow you into the wild, where people love you without question or doubt, support you even at your worst, and help you to thrive as you help them thrive.

Demolish your personal comfort zones and accomplish your goals and dreams. No, don't just accomplish them, surpass them. Raise the bar again and again and dazzle yourself at what you are capable of, which is limitless amazing phenomenal success.

Start by holding conferences in your bathroom mirror- that's right, talk to yourself. Look yourself straight in the eyes and state "I am worthy. I am brilliant. I am beautiful. I am awesome!" Say it every morning before AND after you brush your teeth. Without fail, do this every single day, spoken out loud as you look at yourself.

Then go out and crush that comfort zone.