Sunday, July 9, 2017

Full Moon Mayhem

You couldn't sleep last night. Mood swings abound. Welcome to the full moon. Oddly, this seems to happen to you EVERY full moon. This blog explains WHY.

People on the Autism Spectrum and moms of Autistic children notice that full moons are the worst. Nothing seems to go right, sensitivity is exceptionally high, crankiness is at the max, and sleep is completely elusive.

Any police officer, 911 dispatcher, or ER nurse will tell you, the full moon shows an increase in domestic disputes and violent crime.

Coincidence? No. Tidal influence? No.


Parasites are most active on a full moon. Incredibly active, so much so that you cannot sleep.

Their increased activity brings with it increased emotional response- irritibility, mood swings, aggression.

I have a previous blog post about killing parasites. Should you not find something in there you/your family want to or are willing to take, consider Pumpkin Seed Oil.

Pumpkin seeds are naturally antiparasitic. The oil of the seeds is a liquid concentrate, very mild flavored, good for those who cannot take pills. It can be made into salad dressing, slipped into smoothies, or masked in other ways. It should not be heated- do not use it for cooking. The best Pumpkin Seed Oil is organic, raw, cold pressed, unrefined. You will not find Pumpkin Seed Oil in the store- look for it online, on amazon or Mountain Rose Herbs.

Let me remind you- parasites can live ANYWHERE in the body, not just the intestines. They can live in any organ, the blood, the bones. There are many doctors, holistic practioners, and medical researchers who are certain that parasites are responsible for all chronic illnesses. That heart disease is from parasites in the heart. That autoimmune diseases are from parasites in the lymphatic system. That parasites cause epilepsy. That Autism is directly linked to parasites.

Besides a decreased quality of life from parasites and the diseases they bring to the human body, they can cause enough damage to literally kill you. So pay attention, take this seriously, because it is.

Other signs of parasites: Nose picking, especially in the morning and just before bed, and the objects removed are always same size/color/length...not boogers, those are parasites you are pulling out of your nose, they have invaded your sinus cavity. Cysts, anywhere in the body. These 'cysts' are parasite egg sacs, and can be found in the uterus (uterine cysts), in the foot (ganglion cysts), the brain (pineal cysts), on or below the skin, in the kidneys, liver, etc. Iodine protocol helps kill the egg sacs. Nail biting, especially what seems uncontrollable or mindless nail biting. Full list of signs of parasites are in the How to Kill Parasites blog.

This bit is important- once you think you have killed all the parasites in your body, whatever protocol you are using, KEEP GOING. There is a life cycle, you want to get all newly hatching, eggs, etc. The rule of thumb is to go for 100 days after you feel all parasite symptoms are gone. And, since it is very easy to get parasites, especially once you have had a severe infestation, it is a good idea to follow up for 2 weeks every 6 months, to keep your system clean.

If you have been chronically ill for a long time, and you are very weak and in lots of pain, you should build up your system before attempting to kill parasites. Two months (minimum) of daily nourishment of nutrient-dense foods will help your cells have the strength to fight the parasites, and deal with the toxins they will release when they die.