Friday, July 29, 2016

How to Take Iodine

I've been on an Iodine protocol for almost a year now. One of the most frequently asked questions about iodine in my health groups is, how do you take iodine?
Other frequent questions are: How much iodine should I take? How often do I take iodine? and What type of iodine should I buy?

So here's the blueprint for taking iodine. The full iodine protocol, with the iodine cofactors. Without further ado, everything iodine-

You will need, per day:
  • Lugol's 2% iodine
  • Selenium, 200 mcg
  • B2 and B3 (100 mg Riboflavin, 500mg Niacin)
  • Magnesium, 400mg
  • Vitamin C, 3,000mg
  • Celtic salt, 1/2 teaspoon
Breakdown of the iodine protocol ingredients:
Lugol's Solution 2% strength iodine can be purchased on Amazon.
Selenium supplement, any off brand is fine; find in any grocery or chain store.
You can buy seperate B2 and B3 or get a Bcomplex- any off brand is fine. If you buy your B's seperately, be sure to get NON FLUSHING Niacin.
There are so many different types of magnesium supplements, personally I really like Magnesium Glycinate and think that's the one to get; I use Solaray brand, buy it on Amazon as I cannot find it in stores.
Vitamin C- this needs to be real, "whole-food" vitamin C, NOT ascorbic acid. They are NOT the same thing, and do not have the same effects in your body. I use Camu Camu for my vitamin C; again, bought off Amazon.
Celtic Salt- not the same as white table salt; you may be able to find in some grocery stores, you can definitely find it on Amazon.

To start, take the daily cofactors as listed, above, and iodine as follows.

Week One: Take a small glass and put 7 spoonfuls of water into it, and add ONE DROP of Lugol's 2% iodine. Stir. Take one spoonful of this water each day- so you are getting 1/7th of a drop per day.

Week Two: 7 spoonfuls of water with TWO DROPS of Lugol's 2% iodine, take one spoonful per day.

Week Three: 7 spoonfuls of water with THREE DROPS, take one spoonful per day

Week Four: 7 spoonfuls of water with FOUR DROPS, take one spoonful per day

Week Five: 7 spoonfuls of water with FIVE DROPS, take one spoonful per day

Week Six: 7 spoonfuls of water with SIX DROPS, take one spoonful per day

Week Seven: Take ONE DROP in any liquid of your choosing, per day

Week Eight: Take ONE DROP in any liquid of your choosing per day except MONDAY when you take TWO DROPS

Week Nine: Take ONE DROP in any liquid of your choosing per day except MONDAY and TUESDAY when you take TWO DROPS

Progress in this manner, until you are up to 2 drops every day, then add a 3rd drop on Monday, and so on.

It is VERY IMPORTANT you take ALL of the cofactors listed Every Single Day you are on iodine, or you will either not get benefits, or you will feel ill.

Iodine protocol helps improve the cellular health of all your cells, increasing energy, because you have increased uptake and absorbtion of your vitamins and minerals. Iodine is wonderful for decreasing and removing cysts of any kind, anywhere in the body. Personally, I have experienced the total removal of a ganglion cyst in my foot, and great reduction in cysts on my face, chest, and arms.

I know many women in my Iodine group who have reported that their Uterine cysts and fibroids have shrank or are gone completely from iodine. Many women are successfully using iodine to restore their fertility, and are becoming pregnant after years of unsuccesful fertility treatments. Lots of women are having lighter and more regular menstrual cycles.

Iodine is not just for women- the genitals of both sexes require lots of iodine. Men with prostate problems, erection problems, or other male issues benefit from iodine protocol.

The breasts (of both sexes) also need lots of iodine. Again, I know lots of women in my iodine group who have reported reduction and removal of cysts in their breast tissue since being on iodine protocol. Personally, my breasts have decreased a bit in size and become 'perkier'- at 42 years of age with a 50 DD chest, that's a big deal. I didn't lose weight, just breast size.

When the body is short on iodine, the areas in most need of iodine will enlarge to try to 'trap' as much iodine as possible. You see this with neck goiters- well, same thing happens in breast and pelvic area. This is why iodine helps with enlarged prostate- give the body the iodine it needs, it no longer needs to swell up to trap the small amounts of iodine available.

Which leaves the thyroid. The thyroid uses massive amounts of iodine. If you have a thyroid disorder, thyroid disease, are hyper or hypo thyroid, or have Hashimoto's, consider iodine protocol. Your body is telling you, loud and clear, that it needs more iodine for the thyroid to function properly. Lots of people in the iodine group are off their thyroid medications now that they are on iodine protocol.

Did you know that Japan has the lowest rates of breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers in the world? Did you know Japan has the highest iodine consumption in the world? There's a reason, the same reason Morton Salt containers say "this supplies iodine, a necessary nutrient."

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